Blue LanternPyramid Twin Triangle Core VCLFO


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Blue Lantern Pyramid Twin

The Blue Lantern Pyramid Twin Triangle Core VCLFO is a welcome update of the Blue Lantern VCLFO. The module features triangle- and square-wave outs, with dedicated volume knobs for precise control over each waveshape. A dedicated sync input allows the module to be synchronized with external sources, with a dedicated switch that transitions between soft and hard sync. The LFOs contain linear FM and mod inputs, each with dedicated attenuators, for even more precise functionality. 

Pyramid Twin Features

  • Multiple waveshape outputs with independent volume control. 
  • Wide variety of modulation inputs for complex control. 
  • Dual module has twice the functionability.
  • Both VCLFOs work great as audio range oscillators. 
  • Core: twin discrete triangle core
  • Depth: less than 2 inches
  • Current: 52mA, -41mA
  • Power: Standard 12v Eurorack Power
Blue Lantern Pyramid Twin Triangle Core VCLFO Reviews