Blue LanternLunar Modulation Lab VCO / LFO


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Blue Lantern Lunar Modulation Lab

The Lunar Modulation Lab is a modulation powerhouse, providing many outputs and comprehensive ability to modulate the module's parameters. Inspired by the Bergfotron Advanced VCO, it has a triangle-core VCO which is great for syncing to external oscillators.

The sync input features a knob which controls the depth of sync, providing different flavors of synced signals. It can be used as an audio-rate oscillator or low frequency oscillator, selectable by switch. The large coarse tune knob allows for a wide range of adjustment of the oscillator's frequency with additional fine control from a secondary knob. The sine wave output includes a level control for adjusting the depth of modulation on another module that lacks input attenuators. The sub generated pulse output is a clock divided pulse output, derived from the internal oscillator, with selectable division control and reset input.

The divided outputs are powers of two, ie 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32. CV inputs include linear FM, exponential FM, 1V/Oct, VCO reset, and pulse width modulation. The 1V/Oct input features a VCA based exponential converter. The Modulation Lab is an extensive modulation source, with 11 outputs, many of which are not commonly found on your typical VCO. It is powerful and versatile, providing a host of features and modulation options.

Lunar Modulation Lab Features

  • VCO modulation source
  • VCO or LFO modes
  • Outputs include ramp, double saw, saw, triangle, pulse, falling stairs, even harmonic, folded triangloid, pulse train, sine with level control, and divided sub generated pulse output
  • Exponential FM with attenuverter
  • Linear FM, sync, mod, and pulse width modulation with attenuators
  • VCA-based 1V/Oct input
  • VCO mode only reset input
  • Clock divider with division selector and reset inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 91mA @ +12V, 61mA @ -12V
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