Blue LanternLucky 7 Analog OTA VCF Filter


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Blue Lantern Lucky 7

Inspired by the classic OTA design found in famous Roland synthesizers, Blue Lantern's Lucky 7 is an analog low pass filter module with unique mixing and sound generation methods for simplifying the voice creation process. Before even plugging in an audio source to be filtered down, Lucky 7 normals white noise directly into the second input to be mixed when no other signal is patched into said input. The first input on the other hand creates two new subharmonic variations of the input to mix along for a bassier and heavier sound, and both inputs, the subharmonics, and even the filter feedback is all mixed down into a five input mixer that feeds the filter. With the feedback feature creating more distorted and wilder tones, this character is influenced by cutoff position and resonance amount to which there is even level correction when resonance is increased due to the original filter's design to reduce the overall level. Not only can you modulate the filter's cutoff and resonance, you can introduce both linear and exponential FM as well as a third bipolar FM input with manual attenuverter control. With a built-in VCA that not only has a CV input but also an accent input, Lucky 7 serves as a fantastic timbral middleman between your source audio and your final modular output.

Lucky 7 Features

  • Analog 4-pole low pass filter
  • Designed around the filter archetype of the Roland SH1 Keyboard
  • Main audio input with two derivative subharmonic generators (inspired by SH101 circuitry)
  • Second audio input with normalled white noise feeding into it
  • Five input mixer for handling audio input one and two, subharmonic gens, and filter feedback
  • Filter cutoff and resonance controls with CV inputs
  • Auto low-end level correction with increased resonance
  • Linear and exponential FM inputs with a third FM input with attenuverter
  • VCA control with CV and accent inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 89mA @ +12V, 88mA @ -12V
Blue Lantern Lucky 7 Analog OTA VCF Filter Reviews