Blue LanternGleba Analog VCF Filter


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Blue Lantern Gleba

Drippy and gloopy, Gleba from Blue Lantern is a fantastic analog multimode filter for creating weird and fascinating carved tones out of multiple filter combinations. Based on their previous Dwarf Star semimodular synthesizer's archetype, Gleba offers not only high, band, and low pass options but also the option to combine them for frequency cancelation and/or enhancement with a big, central knob to sweep across the full spectrum. The filter can self-oscillate with a tunable resonance trimmer right on the panel, and 1V/Oct makes playing Gleba as a voice a cinch. Additional harmonizing can ensue from the first input with two subharmonic generators with independent mix inputs, and adding a second input or even FMing the cutoff makes for creating timbrally rich sonic sources. With a built-in VCA with CV input and an egnageable diode limiter for a harsher tone, the Gleba from Blue Lantern can be anywhere from a basic and loveable tool to a gnarly and flavorful centerpiece to any modular system.

Gleba Features

  • Analog multimode filter
  • Inspired by the Dwarf Star Semi Modular Synth filter archetype
  • Any combination or singular type of low, band, and high pass with independent selector switches
  • Audio input that can derive two subharmonic variations
  • Mixer for blending input one, sub generators, and a direct secondary input
  • VCF passes to built-in VCA with accent input for modulation
  • Cutoff exponential FM input with attenuverter and 1V/Oct tracking input (FCV)
  • Resonance control with CV input as well as adjustable front-facing trimmer
  • Engageable diode limiter circuit for metallic feedback tones much like the MS20 VCF
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 69mA @ +12V, 68mA @ -12V
Blue Lantern Gleba Analog VCF Filter Reviews