Blue LanternDwarf Star Stereo Delay


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Blue Lantern Dwarf Star

The Blue Lantern Dwarf Star Stereo Delay is comprised of two delay circuits inspired by the Dwarf Semi Modular System. The module allows users to add clean delay to any audio signal. Each of the module’s parameters features a CV input with dedicated attenuator and three parameters per channel. The effects circuits are mirrored on the module’s front channel (A and B). 

The module provides a pristinely clean delay. It won’t fall into sonic trashiness, even with the feedback cranked. However, specific levels of harsh audio feedback can be achieved by patching CV into the Repeat jack and keeping the attenuator at four or five o’clock. Additionally, because each of the CV inputs features internally-connected switch jacks, users can modulate both channels via Channel A. This chain can be broken simply by patching into Channel B. 

Finally, the module features a dedicated Kill switch that mutes the dry signal while still allowing echo trails to continue naturally. 

Dwarf Star Features

  • Stereo delay module
  • Capable of clean delay or crazy feedback 
  • CV control of all parameters 
  • width: 18hp
  • current: 10mA, -6mA
  • depth: 1.5 inches
  • FX Chip: PT2399
  • Signal Levels for In/Outs: modular synth levels -5/+5
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