Blue LanternDeluxe VCLFO Low Frequency Oscillator


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Blue Lantern Deluxe VCLFO

Truly deluxe, Blue Lantern's Deluxe VCLFO is a fully tricked-out analog LFO with remarkable flexibilty. Beginning with a triangle core, this VCLFO produces triangle, pulse, sine waveforms, plus a special sinus spike shape. The triangle core is notable, because of the skew feature central to the circuit—allowing for any manner of ramp to triangle to sawtooth waves to be created. These in turn affect all outputs, leading to a wealth of different shapes. And with three frequency range modes and a sweet reset/sync option, the Deluxe VCLFO is equipped to become a key player in any patch.

Deluxe VCLFO Features

  • Voltage-controllable LFO module
  • Analog triangle core with skew control
  • 4 waveform outputs distorted by skew: triangle, sine, square, sinus spike
  • JFET-based Sync/Reset
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 32mm30mA @ +12V, 28mA @ -12V
Blue Lantern Deluxe VCLFO Low Frequency Oscillator Reviews