Blue LanternCMOS FX Processor Voice & FX Processor


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Blue Lantern CMOS FX Processor

Bringing metallic, gurgly, and crushing sonic shaping to your Eurorack modular synth, Blue Lantern's CMOS FX Processor is a self-sufficient voice with capabilities for further mangling with external audio input. Offering sound generation, VCA, and envelope generation, CMOS FX Processor is based on three identical CMOS chips that run as the oscillators, routed in an XOR ring modulation setup. This form of XOR RM is also modeled on a voltage starve method found in circuit-bent devices in which the sound is characterized by the loss of voltage in batteries. This offers a wide range of clangy and rumbly tones that can't really be found outside of RM, and each oscillator (X, Y, and Z) has an independent tuning control alongside a master control known as Range. The pitch of CMOS FX Processor can be modulated via the MOD and FM inputs, where the FM input has an attenuator directly linked to the Range control—note that the CMOS FX Processor has no linear pitch CV inputs, so try not to think of using this as a pitch tracked voice, but rather a percussive, one-shot, or FX style sound source.

The oscillators then go through a VCA that has its own gain control as well as an internal routing for dynamic control via the envelope generator. Additional control over the VCA gain with a CV and Accent input allows for more rhythmic and tonal variation—AM + RM = a very good time! The bottom section of CMOS FX Processor is where you find the envelope generator, with extensive controls and a multitude of shaping possibilities. The envelope features a CV controllable decay parameter that determines how short or long the envelope lasts, and the Wave knob provides eight waveshapes in which the envelope is based on. Regen, a feedback control that layers in more envelopes, and Delay, delay time between the start of each envelope, inject interest and complexity to an otherwise simple envelope. Combining these features together with modulation gets some wild, bouncy-ball-esque, and altogether peculiar rhythmic results.

Trigger CMOS FX Processor's envelope via the manual "Push" trigger button or send a trigger sequence or clock into the Trig input for quantized and personalized rhythms. The W Pulse feature is an independent square wave that has its own output, great for self-patching to add FM, trigger source, or accent source, or just to use another clock/modulation source in your rack. For a quirky yet powerful take on ring modulation with a heavy amount of amplitude and tonal control, Blue Lantern's CMOS FX Processor offers new and unique flavors to your Eurorack system.

CMOS FX Processor Features

  • RM Voice and FX processor
  • Three CMOS oscillators performing XOR ring modulation
  • CMOS circuits use voltage starving technique found in circuit-bent devices
  • All oscillators have tuning controls (X, Y, Z)
  • Range control to access all three VCOs simultaneously
  • Audio input processed through a capacitor for AC signals
  • Built-in VCA with attenuation control
  • Accent and VCA CV inputs
  • Digital envelope generator with control over shape, decay (CV controllable), feedback, and delay
  • Eight selectable envelope waveshapes
  • 0–10V envelope CV output
  • Trigger input and manual push button
  • Pitch modulation input and FM input with attenuator
  • W Pulse: square wave oscillator that acts independent of the main three oscillators
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 35mA @ +12V, 34mA @ -12V
Blue Lantern CMOS FX Processor Voice & FX Processor Reviews