Blue LanternCMOS Master Clock Divider


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Blue Lantern CMOS Clock Divider

The CMOS Master Clock Divider, from Blue Lantern, features four characteristically musical division stages: /2, /4, /8, and /16. Each section also features a phased output that allows for the delaying of trigger signals. There’s also a powered multiple that allows for accurate splitting of the signal with absolutely no loss in quality. 

The CMOS is extremely useful for triggering various events in a Eurorack modular synthesizer patch. Each output functions simultaneously, meaning users can out them to multiple sources for a variety of events. Additionally, each of the CMOS’s outputs can operate at audio rate as subharmonic generators. 

CMOS Clock Divider Features

  • Master Clock Divider Circuit
  • 4 Main Division Outputs
  • 4 Musical Division Sections
  • 4 Phased Outputs per Section
  • Powered Multiple
  • Clock In/Thru
  • Reset/Thru


  • Eurorack Module
  • 11HP Width
  • 32mm Depth
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