Blue LanternAccented Asteroid Bass Drum


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Blue Lantern Asteroid Bass Drum v4

The Blue Lantern Accented Asteroid Bass Drum is an update of their classic Asteroid Bass Drum module. Internally, the module is comprised of a sine-core oscillator, transistor-based envelope generator, and a VCA. It now features three modes: one for kick and two for percussion. The module excels at producing woodblock, 606-, 808-, and 909-style sounds, and can be overdriven to achieve a tube-like sound. While most of the parameters are under manual control, the module’s range is switchable via dedicated toggle switch. 

Accented Asteroid Bass Drum Features

  • Sine wave based internal oscillator
  • Integrated trigger button
  • Transistor based envelope generator, and vca
  • Drum sound is at synth level
  • Internal overdrive distortion for tubelike sound
  • Jacks: audio out, trigger input
  • Tune Knob, Envelope Knob, Decay Knob, Tone Knob, Buzz Knob, Range Switch
  • Trigger Indicator LED
  • Manual Trigger Button
  • New White Faceplate Design
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6HP Width
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