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Bleep LabsSensory Coupler Sensor-to-CV Interface


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Bleep Labs Sensory Coupler

Add some interactions to your Eurorack system with the Bleep Labs Sensory Coupler, a sensor-to-CV playground that comes with everything you need to explore the physical world with your synth. Compact but feature-rich, the Sensory Coupler can be used without attachments by touching the sensor at the bottom of the module. A sensor input works with the included TRS 3.5mm cables and assortment of sensors; when using the sensor input, the touch sensor at the bottom is not active. An LED strip on the left side of the module gives you visual indication of the CV level, as well as where the Threshold knob is set. Three outputs are available for CV, Gate, and Gate Inverse. Two buttons, Adj and Cal, are available to finetune the behavior of the module. Adj will change the CV output from 0–10v, to 0–5v, to 5v–0, or to 10v–0. Additionally, you can hold the Adj button while adjusting the Threshold control and change the behavior from level to zone, where a gate signal is output only if the CV is in a particular range, not just above a point. The Cal button is designed for you to express the entire range of the sensor and properly map the range. Finally, a Smooth knob lets you adjust the curve of the CV from exponential to logarithmic. The Sensory Coupler from Bleep Labs is perfect for anyone looking to interact with their system in a fun and unique way.

Sensory Coupler Features

  • Compact sensor interface for Eurorack
  • Comes with Phototransistor / light sensor, hall effect / magnetic sensor, accelerometer / motion sensor, gooseneck 1/8″ TRS cable, 2M 1/8″ TRS cable, 50mm long alligator clip wire for touch sensor, and a donut magnet
  • Touch sensor on the module for use without external sensors
  • LED strip for CV and gate threshold
  • Easily adjust and calibrate module
  • 3 Outputs: CV, Gate, !Gate (inverse)
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @+12V, 12 mA @-12V
Product Demo Videos
The Bleep Labs Sensory Coupler Module
The Sensory Coupler allows you to easily convert touch, proximity, light, magnetic fields, motion, and more into CV and gate.
Bleep Labs Sensory Coupler Sensor-to-CV Interface Reviews