Blackout EffectorsCadavernous Reverb


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Blackout Effectors Cadavernous

Guitarists, synthesists, and sound designers looking to harness the potential of their fx units should know that Cadavernous tames reverb unlike anything else. The pedal is capable of generating everything from simple reverbs to dense droning feedback monsters.

The pedal features dedicated front panel controls for Dampen, Dry Mix, Reflections, Regeneration, Reverb, and Swell. The latter control governs the overall sensitivity of the footswitch, controlling the intensity and speed of the onset and dissipation of the emitted swell. This can be used in tandem with the Regeneration control for the creation of subtle swells and/or self-oscillating madness.

Cadavernous features two swell modes. In Mode, the default, the Swell footswitch is configured for momentary on operation, restricting the corresponding control's output to when the footswitch is depressed (releasing it causes the effect to fade out). Conversely, Mode 2 induces the inverse: the footswitch becomes a momentary off setting that leaves the effect active until the footswitch is depressed.

Cadavernous Features

  • Swell Control
  • Regneration Control
  • Dampen Control
  • Reflections Control
  • Dry Mix Control
  • Reverb Control
  • Swell On/Off Footswitch
  • Bypass Footswitch
  • True Bypass
  • Operates on any standard negative tip 9V DC power supply that draws at least 200mA (more is better though)
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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