Blackhole CasesSIX_60 Eurorack Case - 6U / 60HP

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Blackhole Cases SIX_60

Compact enough for travel but without sacrificing durability or protection, the SIX_60 from Blackhole Cases is a great solution for bringing your favorite Eurorack modules on the road. With 120hp divided into two rows of 60, this case still offers enough room for a small system of modules, perfectly sized for sitting on a desk next to a laptop and other instruments or a cramped table in a venue. The case itself is constructed from Baltic Birch and covered in a thick vinyl covering for maximum durability, and the included Konstant Lab BoardPWR power supply boasts more than enough power for this case. M3 sliding nuts make rearranging your modules a breeze, and the lid can fully close the case with a patch ready to go. Bring a curated slection of modules whereever life takes you, with the SIX_60 from Blackhole Cases.

SIX_60 Features

  • Powered Eurorack case with lid
  • Hand-built durable design
  • Includes M3 sliding nuts
  • Deep enough for most modules at 2.5"/63mm
  • Includes Konstant Lab BoardPWR with external brick and flying bus cables
  • Rubber feet prevent the case from slipping while patching
  • Available current: 2A @ +12V, 1.2A @ -12V, 1.5A @ +5V
  • Number of headers: 12
  • Power brick: Included
  • Dimensions: 13 x 11.25 x 6.5"
  • Module dimensions: 6U x 60HP
  • Maximum module depth: 2.5"
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Blackhole Cases SIX_60 Eurorack Case - 6U / 60HP Reviews