Blackhole CasesSEVEN_60 Powered Case - 7U / 60HP

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Blackhole Cases SEVEN_60

SEVEN_60 from Blackhole Cases is a compact travel solution for bringing your favorite 3U and 1U Eurorack modules wherever life takes you. The case is built from Baltic Birch and is covered in a rugged vinyl covering, providing durable protection to your precious synthesizer. Inside is a Konstant Lab BoardPWR with two flying bus boards, supplying plenty of power to a system of this size. There are 20 M3 sliding nuts on each of the rails, making module arrangement a breeze.

Patches can be fully closed in with the lid, so bringing your system pre-patched to a gig is no problem, and the rubber feet keep your case stabilized on any surface. Whether you're patching at home or on the go, load up the Blackhole SEVEN_60 and bring your system anywhere with no worries.

SEVEN_60 Features

  • Travel-sized Eurorack case with lid
  • Intellijel-format 1U row
  • Built by hand from Baltic Birch
  • Deep enough for a majority of modules
  • Loaded with a Konstant Lab BoardPWR and two flying bus cables
  • 20 M3 sliding nuts per rail, 120 total in the case
  • Rubber feet prevent slippage
  • External power brick included
  • Available current: 2A @ +12V, 1.2A @ -12V, 1.5A @ +5V
  • Number of headers: 20
  • Power brick: Included
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 6.5"
  • Module dimensions: 6U x 60HP, 1U x 60hp (Intellijel Format)
  • Maximum module depth: 2.5"
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Blackhole Cases SEVEN_60 Powered Case - 7U / 60HP Reviews