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Black Lion AudioPG-2 Rack-Mount Professional Power Conditioner


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Black Lion Audio PG-2

The PG-2 from Black Lion Audio is professional-grade power conditioner for your studio that features time-delayed outlets, seven-segment voltage and amperage displays, and proprietary PG-99 filtering technology for clean, ultra-high performance. The finest piece of studio equipment is only as good as its power supply, which unless properly conditioned, can cause loss of high frequency detail and unwanted noise in your signal chain. With the PG-2, the numbers speak for themselves: while most rackmount power conditioners average around 85% noise filtering, PG-2 boasts 99.7% noise filtering on average. In the event of a power surge, the PG-2's 2775 joules of power absorption also provide invaluable front-line defense for your studio equipment.

In addition to its impressive specs, the PG-2 offers a host of quality-of-life improvements for the modern engineer, including USB charging port, XLR lamp connectors, and a timed delay for analog audio and high current outlets to prevent the unwanted "pop" that can damage speaker cones and your precious ears. When compromises are simply not an option, look to the PG-2 for peerless power conditioning and overvoltage protection.

PG-2 Features

  • Rackmountable power conditioner
  • PG-99 technology provides 99.7% noise filtering on average
  • Timed delay outlets for safe power-up and power-down
  • Crisp seven-segment LED readout shows voltage and amps in real time (dimmable via knob on rear panel)
  • USB charging port
  • XLR lamp connectors on front and back panels
  • 4 x Digital Audio Outlets
  • 4 x High Current Outlets (time-delayed)
  • 4 x Analog Audio Outlets (time-delayed)
  • 2 x unswitched, filtered convenience outlets
  • 1 x USB 5VDC charging port
  • 2 x XLR lamp connectors
  • 1 x Ground connector
  • Power absorption rating: 2775 Joules
  • Rack spaces: 2U
Black Lion Audio PG-2 Rack-Mount Professional Power Conditioner Reviews