Black Lion AudioPG-1 MKII Studio Power Conditioner


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Black Lion Audio PG-1 MKII

Clean your power and deliver juice to all your devices with the ten-port PG-1 MKII power conditioner from Black Lion Audio. Using their PG-99 filtering technology to remove 99.7% of all noise, the PG-1 is the key for whisper quiet recording with even the most noisy of equipment. Not all outlets are the same, either: you have four Digital Outlets that isolate noise generated from the gear itself, while also preventing AC noise from getting to the equipment; two Analog Outlets that are designed to remove noise from your analog hardware; and two High Current Outlets that are perfect for speakers or power amps by delaying the power-on cycle, eliminating the pop. That's just the backside, on the front there are two Unswitched Outlets that are always on, regardless of the unit's on/off status, a USB power port, and an XLR port—with a dimmer switch—for attaching a lamp. The front also features a large voltage display, so you're always aware of what's happening, and status LEDs with audio siren for when there are questionable electrical disturbances. Indeed, the PG-1 MKII from Black Lion Audio provides world class power conditioning and gives peace-of-mind for any studio, big or small.

PG-1 MKII Features

  • 10 outlet power conditioner
  • PG-99 Filtering Technology for an average of 99.7% noise reduction
  • XLR lamp power on front with dimmer
  • USB power on front
  • 2x Unswitched, always on outlets
  • 2x High current outlets with time delay for speakers and power amps
  • 2x Analog outlets tuned for removing analog noise
  • 4x Digital outlets tuned for removing AC noise
  • LED voltage meter
  • Status LEDS for ground, wiring fault, clean power, abnormal voltage, and protection
  • Audio siren for dangerous power situations
  • Panasonic and Wima capacitors
  • Power absorption rating of 2775 joules
  • 2-stage power up/power down system
  • Outlets: 10x Power, 1x USB, 1x XLR
  • Max Current: 15A
  • Size: 1U, 19" Rackmount
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs./4.2 kg
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