Black Lion AudioPBR XLR 16-Point XLR Patchbay


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Black Lion Audio PBR XLR

Whether you're sampling different microphones or need to re-route the XLR I/O on your favorite hardware pieces, the PBR XLR from Black Lion Audio is a premium XLR patchbay that boasts durability and incredible sound quality. The anodized front panel is lined with 12 XLR-M and four XLR-F connectors, with the inverse on the rear, so there's plnety of ways to get signals re-routed. Speaking of those connectors, they feature gold-plating to deliver audiophile-levels of audio quality. Give your studio the routing flexibility it needs without cutting back on audio quality with the Black Lion PBR XLR.

PBR XLR Features

  • XLR patchbay
  • 16 patch-points with gold-plated connectors
  • Anodized aluminum faceplate
  • Height: 1 rack unit
  • Width: 19" rack
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