Black Lion AudioB12A MkIII Microphone + Instrument Preamp


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Black Lion Audio B12A MkIII Microphone + Instrument Preamp

If you want a classic American-style preamp with fast transient response and rich saturation, the Black Lion B12A MkIII is a must-have. Precisely add up to 70dB of clean gain and recall levels using the stepped gain control. Cinemag transformers on the input and output stages provide character to your sound without muddying the mix. Add harmonically rich tone to guitar, basses, and synthesizers using the high-Z DI inputs on the front panel. Tailor your sound to your needs with the phase inversion and 18dB pad buttons. The half-rack form factor fits your studio easily and delivers a massive sound with a classic American feel.

B12A MkIII Features

  • American-style mic and instrument preamp
  • Inspired by the classic 312A preamp
  • Stepped gain control with up to 70dB of gain
  • Cinemag transformers on input and output
  • Front panel High-Z DI input
  • -18dB pad and phase inversion
  • +48V phantom power
  • Inputs: XLR, High-Z TS
  • Outputs: Balanced TRS
  • AC powered
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