Black CorporationExpander Mk2 Programmable Stereo Multi-FX Processor

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Black Corporation Expander Mk2

Black Corporation's EXPANDER MK2 is a tabletop or 6U rack mount effects processor that combines analog and digital worlds. With a flexible effects system that covers everything from reverb and delay to modulation and overdrive, and much more, it is perfect for producers and instrumentalists looking for exceptional sound.

EXPANDER MK2's knob per function interface allows you to dive right into new sonic zones. Boasting digital and analog options for delay and reverb, two distinct BBD chorus lines, ring modulator section, analog OTA-based 12-stage phaser circuit, and more. Convenient connections on the back panel of EXPANDER MK2 include balanced inputs and outputs, stereo send and return, expression and switch pedals, USB, and DIN MIDI.

EXPANDER MK2 also features an incredibly flexible routing and summing matrix allowing for custom signal chains. Each effect section has character and with the clear controls it's easy to dial in warmth, bliss, angst, and any other mood you can think of. Black Corporation has created the ultimate effects station that works in the studio or on the stage.

Expander Mk2 Features

  • 6U Rackmount or Desktop effects unit
  • Routing and Summing matrix for custom signal chains
  • Analog BBD or digital PCM42 Delay
  • Reverb developed with Meris based on 224 and has a Spring option with two 17" tanks built-in
  • Modulator section is a ring mod with reference oscillator using AD EG for pitch
  • Chorus section features two distinct lines for creating lush stereo effects
  • Phaser section has an OTA analog and optical option
  • Insert section for controlling external signal
  • Resonator section can be used to sculpt sound
  • Overdrive section based on Korg's Nu-Tube technology for warmth or wails
  • LFO section has display screen for adding modulation places
  • Front-mounted headphone jack and Hi-Z input
  • Dimensions: 6U Rackmountable
  • Power Specs: Stereo 1/4" Inputs and Outputs
  • Stereo Send and Return 1/4" Jacks
  • 5 Pin MIDI I/O/T
  • DB25 Breakout for use with patchbays
  • Expression and Switch 1/4" pedal connections
  • USB Host port
  • Power: 12v 5A PSU included
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