BirdkidsOffGrid Bluetooth MIDI Controller

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Birdkids OffGrid

Cut the wires out of your performance with OffGrid from Bridkids, a Bluetooth-enabled MIDI controller with unique motion and touch performance capabilities. Working across all popular platforms, use the OffGrid with software on any computer or mobile device for complete control over any MIDI playback—including MPE! OffGrid's minimalist design makes it very customizable and takes labels out of the equation, and the backlit pads, unique joystick, and motion-controls make a much more modern and freeing performance device for non-traditional artists. With fast charging, USB-C connectivity, and just as efficient wireless control, the OffGrid from Birdkids is the perfect device to add intrigue and magic to your performance no matter how big or small your setup.

OffGrid Features

  • Bluetooth MIDI motion controller
  • Minimalist design with label-less controls
  • 16 LED-backlit pads utilizing OffGrid's patented Force Sensing Resistor technology
  • Four transport functioning buttons and two mode-shifting buttons
  • Modulate and transform your sounds with unique joystick and built-in motion control
  • Low latency MIDI over Bluetooth for smooth and accurate performance
  • Charge and connect wired over the USB-C port
  • Works with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows
  • USB type: type-C with included type-C to A cable
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 80mm x 20mm
  • Power: rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery
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