beyerdynamicM 130 Ribbon Microphone


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beyerdynamic M 130

Sporting a figure-eight polar pattern, the M 130 from beyerdynamic is a ribbon microphone that is perfect for instrument recording, or as part of a Mid-Side stereo configuration. The figure eight polar pattern picks up sounds from the front and rear, while rejecting sounds from the sides. When used with a hypercardioid microphone, a rick stereo image can be obtained using the mid-side technique.

The double ribbon element used in the microphone has fantastic transient response and provides a transparent sound and detailed sound. Great for percussion and backing vocals in the studio, it delivers a superb sound that is uncolored and dynamic. This figure-eight ribbon microphone is a great addition to your studio or live sound setup, adding the element that you may be missing from your arsenal.

M 130 Features

  • Ribbon microphone with figure-eight polar pattern
  • Blocks sounds from the side and picks up sound from the front and back
  • Useful for creating mid-side stereo imaging
  • Uncolored sound
  • Fast transient response
  • Rugged design
  • 40Hz–18kHz frequency response
  • Microphone type: Ribbon
  • Polar pattern: Figure-eight
  • Frequency response 40Hz–18kHz
beyerdynamic M 130 Ribbon Microphone Reviews