BenidubDS01E Dub Siren + Echo Desktop Synthesizer


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Benidub DS01E

Benidub's DS01E is an old school echo and dub siren that will give you the perfect amount of echo and four different flavors of siren. Designed to be a playable effect, you can choose from four different siren sounds with three different pitch options engaged with a momentary or latching switch. A built-in modulation can be engaged via a push button that can add smooth or wild pitch modulation. The siren then goes through a gorgeous echo with a DJ-style LP/HP filter with time and feedback control and a unique momentary Echo Cut button that can add interesting rhythmic variations. The Benidub DS01E is a wonderfully strange, effortlessly playable, confluence of effect and instrument.

DS01E Features

  • Dub siren combined with Echo desktop instrument
  • Dub siren with four voices and three pitch settings
  • Momentary modulation via push button
  • Three position siren switch is off in neutral position, up for momentary, and down for latching
  • Echo effect with LP/HP filter
  • Echo Cut push button for rhythmic interest
  • TBD
  • 12v 1A center-positive PSU (included)
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