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Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Designer

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Behringer RD-8

Behringer's RD-8 is a much-anticipated reinterpretation of the most iconic drum machine of all time. Re-live, recreate, and re-purpose the tones of Chicago acid house, the genesis of modern hip-hop, and the backbone of techno with this stunning adaptation of one of the most influential electronic instruments. If you want Bass Drum that thumps and snares that snap, the RD-8 is a stellar and affordable way to find them.

Offering the same intuitive sequencing style as its source of inspiration (complete with vintage-style buttons), the RD-8 provides a strikingly similar workflow to the original. Its 64-step sequencer is capable of polymeter, step repeat, real-time triggering, and countless other performance features: but its intuitive layout simultaneously makes it simple to lay out a driving, reliable rhythm in no time. Pattern mode and song mode provide access to extended sequencing potential, allowing for the creation of lengthy, evolving rhythms.

The internal FX bus provides a Wave Designer and dual-mode Analog Filter. The Wave Designer provide attack and sustain controls, applicable to individual voices for dynamic shaping of the core drum sounds. The switchable lowpass/highpass, 12dB filter provides access to all manner of sweeps and ringing resonances: and best of all, cutoff knob movement can be recorded to the sequencer, overdubbed, or step-edited for precise tonal sculpting.

All of this combined with 11 individual audio outputs, extensive connectivity options, parameter chaining, and more makes the RD-8 a true 21st-century rhythm machine worthy of the 808 legacy.

RD-8 Features

  • Analog reimagining of a classic drum machine
  • 16 drum sounds with extra parameters and global Accent
  • Modern workflow built around classic sequencer style
  • 64-step sequencer supports polymeter, step repeat, direct note triggering, note repeat, and track soloing/muting
  • Per-voice assignment to integrated Wave Designer and dual-mode Analog Filter
  • Liver recording of Analog Filter cutoff automation
  • Stores up to 256 patterns and 16 songs, which may be imported/exported via USB
  • Pattern mode and Song mode for extended compositional and performance possibilities
  • Sync via USB, MIDI, or analog clock
  • 11 independent, direct analog outputs for single voices
  • Probability, Flam, and Random sequencing options available
  • Vintage-style buttons for authentic look and feel
  • Main outputs: Phones, Mono, Return
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru via 5-pin DIN, USB
  • Individual voice outs: 11x 1/4"
  • Trigger outs: 3x 1/4"
  • Sync: In/Out via 3.5mm
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