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BehringerPro-1 Semi-Modular Synthesizer


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Behringer Pro-1

The Pro-1 from Behringer is an analog semi-modular synthesizer that takes inspiration from the classic synthesizer of yesterday and is great for getting into modular or adding something new to your existing synthesizer collection. Based on the classic Sequential Circuits Pro-One, the Behringer Pro-1 is an excellent glimpse into the sounds and workflow of its predecessor with expanded CV capabilities.

The two-oscillator architecture provides thick analog sounds with detune and octave selection switches. Oscillator A has ramp and pulse waves, while oscillator B has ramp, triangle, and pulse waveforms. Both oscillators feature variable pulse width control. There are toggle switches available that select which wave is active and can act as mute switches with all switches in the off position. Oscillator A can be synced to oscillator B. Oscillator B can act as an audio oscillator or LFO and has the ability to turn off key tracking. The oscillators are fed into a mixer which mixes the two oscillators and an internal noise source, or external input.

The mix is then fed into the filter. The Pro-1 features a classic four-pole lowpass or highpass filter that uses an adaptation of the 3320 Curtis filter chip. The filter can be driven into self-oscillation and features keyboard tracking control to set the amount of tracking.

The Pro-1 features two ADSR envelopes, one for the VCA and one for the VCF, and an LFO. The LFO has three waveforms (triangle, ramp, and square), and acts as a clock for the sequencer section. The sequencer features two sequences that can record up to 64 steps, and a switch to select which sequence is active. Pro-1 also features an arpeggiator that can play back arpeggios in either ascending or descending order.

A modulation matrix allows complex signal routing. It takes the filter envelope, oscillator B, LFO and mod wheel and passes them through attenuators and routes them to various destinations. Modulation destinations include oscillator A and B frequency, oscillator A and B pulse width, and filter. This means you can easily FM the filter frequency from oscillator B or use the filter envelope and LFO to modulate oscillator A’s pulse width in tandem, without having to patch anything. In addition to those routing options, the Pro-1 features a number of analog patch points that can be used to further change the functionality. It also has the ability to be taken out of its case and racked in a Eurorack case.

With beefy analog oscillators, classic resonant filter, and complex modulation routing, the Pro-1 delivers a lot of bang for your buck.

Pro-1 Features

  • Semi-modular desktop synthesizer
  • Dual 3340 VCO
  • 3320 voltage controlled filter that goes into self oscillation
  • Two ADSR envelopes
  • LFO with selectable waveforms
  • Sequencer with two 64-step sequences that can be switched between
  • Arpeggiator with switch for ascending or descending playback
  • Modulation matrix for complex modulation options without the need to patch anything
  • Eurorack-compatible patch points
  • MIDI in and through
  • 16-voice poly chain functionality via MIDI
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  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 16.7 x 5.4"/94 x 424 x 137mm
  • Power: 12VDC center positive PSU (included)
  • MIDI: In & Thru
  • Output: 1/4" TS
  • Patch bay: 3.5mm, Eurorack-compatible
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