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BehringerCrave Semi-Modular Synthesizer


No Longer Available Contact us for a recommendation.

Behringer Crave

Behringer Crave is an analog semi-modular synthesizer, perfect as an entry point into modular synthesis or as a way to add some new flavor to your existing synthesizer setup. It uses the 3340 oscillator chip found on the Behringer Neutron that was modeled after the CEM3340 (found in vintage synthesizers such as the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5). The oscillator features two waves: saw and pulse with adjustable pulse width and pulse width modulation (PWM).

It features a Moog-style 24db transistor ladder filter, also found on the Behringer Model D. The filter can be set to be either a highpass or lowpass filter. At high resonance settings the filter will self-oscillate and can be played using the CV input. The filter cutoff's mod source can be set to be the envelope or LFO and features a mod polarity switch. The polarity switch selects if the mod source affects the filter negatively (closing the filter) or positively (opening the filter).

The Crave features an envelope that can either be a two-stage, attack/decay envelope or a four-stage attack/decay/sustain/release (ADSR) envelope, with release time set by the decay control. The LFO has two waves, square and triangle with rate control and external CV input. It can go from slow moving modulation all the way up to audio rates. An assignable output is available that can be designated as one of eight settings including tempo synced LFO and a sample and hold. This can be edited using a combination of button presses, or with an app from Behringer.

The Crave features a fully fledged arpeggiator and step sequencer. The arpeggiator can either be momentarily activated by holding down keys, or latched, eliminating the need to hold down the keys. The sequencer can hold 64 sequences of up to 32 steps apiece. There are five per-step parameters that can be set including gate length, glide, ratchet, accent, and rest. Individual steps can be muted and the whole sequence transposed on the fly. There is a global glide control that controls the glide speed for all steps with glide enabled.

Crave is semi-modular and features a robust patch bay that can be used to add additional functionality to the existing architecture. There are 18 inputs that include controls for the oscillator, filter, sequencer, and LFO. It features 14 outputs including both the LFO waves, sequencer CV, MIDI to CV and gate, both oscillator waveforms, envelope, and a post VCA and headphone output.

Crave Features

  • Monophonic semi-modular desktop synthesizer
  • Pulse/saw wave 3340 oscillator
  • Moog-style transistor ladder filter
  • LFO with triangle and square wave
  • Two-stage or four-stage envelope
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer that can store up to 64 patterns
  • Five per-step parameters that can be adjusted per sequence
  • Eurorack compatible patch bay
  • MIDI in and through
  • TBD
Product Demo Videos
Behringer Crave Synth with OBNE Minim Delay/Reverb
Here are a few quick sounds with the Behringer Crave synth through the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim delay and reverb pedal. The Crave is a single oscillator semi-modular synth with a built in sequencer. The Crave oscillator is 3340 chip based design and the filter is a steep cutoff 24db/octave Moog style filter.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim is both a delay and reverb effect in one pedal. The Minim is great for ambient sounds as well as glitchy effects. The delay can be reversed and the reverb tails can be infinite.
Behringer Crave Semi-Modular Synthesizer Reviews