BefacoSpring Reverb


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Befaco Spring Reverb

For those looking to add a little more space to their sonic platitudes, the Befaco Spring Reverb may be just what the engineer ordered. As its name suggests, the module is a spring reverb specifically manufactured for use with Eurorack modular synthesizer systems, meaning most of its parameters are malleable via CV. Consequently, the module is an ideal means of adding some spatial depth to any signal.

The Spring Reverb features two inputs, on routed directly to the reverb at full volume, and another with corresponding volume slider and CV input. Additional features include mix and wet outputs, remote control over the overall wet level, and remote control over the dry/wet blend. There’s also a high-pass filter that shapes the reverb’s tonality and brightens up the signal.

The module includes a medium-size spring tank alongside the RCA cables required for proper attachment.

Spring Reverb Features

  • Classic analog reverb sound in 8 hp
  • Includes 8BB2C1A spring tank and RCA cables (RCA connects at module's back)
  • Two inputs, Mix and Wet outputs
  • Slider and CV in for Input 1 level
  • Slider for wet level
  • Crossfader pot for dry / wet balance
  • High pass filter before spring tank's input
  • LED VU meter of Wet level
  • Panel width: 8hp
  • Depth: 47mm
  • Current draw: 51mA @ +12V / 34mA @ -12V
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