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BefacoPony VCF Low Pass Filter


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Befaco Pony VCF

Galloping into the hearts of filter lovers everywhere, Befaco's Pony VCF is a compact low pass filter, mixer, and VCA ready to sweep you away to new heights of modulatory glory. Three audio inputs with level controls allow you to process multiple oscillators simultaneously, great for mixing waveforms, stereo oscillators, or paraphonic applications. The output of the mixer is fed to a lovely ladder-style low pass filter, which via the "enhanced ladder" topology originally created by Dave Rossum, delivers classic transistor filter sound without distortion. Adding resonance compensation and temperature control, the result is a filter with clean and controlled sound that reliably delivers spectra shaping fun time and time again.

An integrated VCA makes the Pony VCF even more worthy as a workhorse filter in your rack. The dedicated VCA input controls the volume of the final output, creating note shapes with an applied envelope and freeing up other VCAs in your system for modulation processing. A handy switch allows you to duplicate the signal applied to CV1 input to the VCA input, making it easy and clutter-free to patch up parallel modulation of tone and volume for classic organic plucks and punches. Driving the resonance into self-oscillation provides a simple oscillator with integrated VCA, perfect for analog drums and more. With flexible operation to inspire creativity in any context, it's high time to saddle-up and take a ride with the Pony VCF from Befaco.

Pony VCF Features

  • Analog mixer, low pass VCF, and VCA
  • Three mixer inputs with independent level controls
  • Third channel normalled to output for feedback processing
  • Ladder-style VCF built on Sound Semiconductor SS12144 FATKEYS™ chip
  • Clean and controlled sound with no distortion thanks to "enhanced ladder" topology
  • Manual and CV control over cutoff frequency and resonance
  • Integrated VCA with CV input control
  • CV1 may be copied and sent to VCA input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V
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