Beetronics FXSeabee Harmochorus Chorus + Pitch Modulation Pedal


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Beetronics FX Seabee

Beetronics Seabee is a digitally-controlled analog BBD chorus that brings more to the table than just a lush woozy chorus, as it also modulates the harmonics like no other chorus, and all of it is interactive thanks to a Ramp footswitch. With the Ramp footswitch, each of the six modes gets a new, unique option for modulation that adjusts speeds or depth. Set up in two different modes: Chorus and Harmonic—each offers three distinct flavors that range from subtle to stinging. On the Chorus setting you have Rotary, Depth, and Sting modes with the first two being self-explanatory, while the Sting mode is the first taste of weirdness. With Sting you get two different internal BBD delay settings, set by the Depth and Rate, and can use the Ramp feature to move between them both.

Seabee Features

  • Digitally-controlled analog BBD chorus
  • Pitch-shifting Harmo mode gives you arpeggiations and chordal options
  • Internal Ramp footswitch and switchable shape opens up expressive possibilities
  • 6 Modes: Roto, Depth, Sting, Dual, Arp, and Mad
  • 16 Slot preset memory
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4 x 2.75"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included), ~250mA
Beetronics FX Seabee Harmochorus Chorus + Pitch Modulation Pedal Reviews