Beanie BunnieHana Desktop Drone Synthesizer

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Beanie Bunnie Hana

Building upon a classic circuit by Music From Outer Space, Beanie Bunnie's Hana is a two-voice drone synthesizer featuring interlocked oscillators and ethereal tones. Like the MFOS Weird SIgnal Generator that inspired it, Hana provides three oscillators per voice, plus a filter for harmonic shaping and an array of switches for configuration. Each voice has two oscillators plus an LFO for modulation purposes, with the waveform of the latter defined by the Shape switch. Whether you choose triangle or square, the Mod knob for each voice allows the LFO to apply vibrato or stepped pitch modulations to the other oscillators.

The variety of tones that Hana can produce are dependent upon two switches on each voice: Gate and Duo. Assuming its volume control is turned up, Oscillator 1 will always be heard, but when the Gate switch is flipped up Oscillator 2's tuning allows for the creation of hard sync-like sounds. Additionally, if you want to hear the second oscillator for duophonic patches, engage the Duo switch and set its tuning accordingly. Both oscillators are summed together before running through a lowpass filter, with frequency and output level controls per voice.If you're looking for an aesthetically charming drone box, Hana is both visually and sonically a beautiful choice for curious drone explorations.

Hana Features

  • Dual-voice drone synthesizer
  • Design based on Ray Wilson's Weird Signal Generator
  • Two voices
  • 2x Oscillators and 1x LFO per voice
  • Lowpass filter per voice
  • Gate switch allows Oscillator 2 to influence Oscillator 1
  • Duo switch allows audio output of Oscillator 2
  • Shape switch sets triangle or square waveform for LFO
  • MOD knobs dial in amount of LFO modulation on oscillators
  • Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 2.5"
  • Power: 9VDC Center Positive (PSU included)
Product Demo Videos
Drone Music With DIY Analog Synthesizer (Hana Synth)
Made a small piece of ambient music by using my DIY synthesizer, all the synth sounds from it. Thank you all for the encouragement and support.
Beanie Bunnie Hana Desktop Drone Synthesizer Reviews