BASTL InstrumentsThyme+ Desktop Digital Tape Delay


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BASTL Instruments Thyme+

Freshly revamped, Bastl's Thyme+ is a robust reworking of their robot-controlled digital delay inspired by the lovely quirks of analog tape systems. Though digital in operation, Thyme+ behaves a lot like a tape delay with multiple read heads, allowing you to create multitap delays with variable Spacing between taps for different rhythms. Beyond control of Tape Speed alongside Coarse and Fine delay time parameters, additional shaping is possible with a variable lowpass-highpass filter, plus standard Feedback and dry/wet Mix parameters. There's even a Karplus-Strong mode to venture into synthesis territories.

But what makes Thyme+ unique is its Robot system—independent and configurable modulation sources for all nine of the primary parameters. With a variety of LFO shapes available, plus envelope followers or external CV control, it's possible to create ever-evolving delay sounds to accompany any sound you're passing through it. You can save all configurations to eight different preset slots, and manually recall or sequence through them for more spontaneity. Of course, MIDI and clock inputs afford you the ability to synchronize and externally control Thyme+. If you're seeking a compact delay box like no other, Bastl's Thyme+ won't disappoint.

Thyme+ Features

  • Desktop digtal delay inspired by analog tape
  • Enhanced audio quality compared to prior version of Thyme
  • Tape Speed control with Coarse and Fine tuning of delay time
  • Multitap delay operation with Spacing parameter
  • Variable lowpass-highpass filter
  • Controls for Levels, Feedback, and dry/wet Mix
  • Independent "Robot" automation available for every parameter
  • Modulation sources include LFOs, envelope followers, and external CV
  • MIDI and analog clock inputs for sync and control
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 44.3" x 1.8" / 215 x 1125 x 45 mm
  • Power Specs: 7-12VDC center positive (9V PSU included
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