BASTL InstrumentsSoftPop 2 Semi-Modular Synthesizer


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BASTL Instruments SoftPop 2

Improving upon their fantastic and iconically unique synthesizer comes BASTL Instruments' SoftPop 2, an analog, patchable synthesizer with loads of flexibility and opportunity for modular integration. Much like the original unit, SoftPop 2 features a VCO, looping envelope generator, and their renowned "Infinity" multi-mode filter with selectable high, band, and low pass options.

SoftPop 2's envelope takes the two right-most vertical faders for control over shape and rate with cyclical properties, and the envelope can not only be routed to any of the parameters by patching, but it also has predetermined routings to the VCA and filter modulation for classic synth-like behavior. The three horizontal faders access additional parameters such as oscillator fine-tuning, filter resonance, and a soft/pop/pixel control that cross modulates the filter frequency by the oscillator frequency, which is great for anything from formant to bit-crush-like effects. The audio input can act as a source for further modulation via audio or the “dynamic” envelope follower output.

Each of SoftPop 2's parameters can be recorded live or per-step and stored into one of eight 8-step patterns for performative sequencing. Not only can you sequence the Pitch and Pitch Mod parameters, but you also can set up slide patterns and quantized scales that can be chained into patterns independently from the main sequence for intriguing and complex movement. Synchronizing over an analog or MIDI clock source is quite easy, and performative clock rate changes allow for even further development towards your sequences rhythmically.

Along with all of SoftPop 2's fantastic new sequencing features, BASTL updated the original's patchability with a newly added 37-point mini-jack patchbay for immediate access and interplay with your Eurorack setup. Additional features include new CV processing like sample & hold, summing, attenuverting, and even a multiple to maximize your modulation capabilities, and a level-controlled audio input offers both audio and envelope following modulation for more external integration. Not forgetting the classic “orb” to ponder your patching and add dynamic light performance over your synthesized delights, SoftPop 2 is not only a natural progression in the SoftPop family but also a splendid upgrade to integrate with any modular setup.

SoftPop 2 Features

  • Analog semi-modular, chaotic synthesizer with digital sequencing
  • Light and sound machine developed in collaboration with Casper Electronics
  • Fully-analog signal path
  • Triangle-core VCO with triangle and pulse waveforms (and PWM CV input)
  • Quantized oscillator CV inputs for transposition and pitch modulation
  • "Infinity" analog multimode filter offering high, band, and low pass responses
  • Shapeable, voltage-controllable envelope with cycling functionality
  • 37-point Eurorack minijack patch-bay
  • Six vertical faders to control oscillator, looping envelope, as well as the Infinity filter
  • Three horizontal faders controlling oscillator fine-tune, filter resonance, and a soft/pop/pixel parameter for cross-modulation
  • Sample & hold circuit for introducing stepped modulation
  • Record, step edit, and pattern chain up to eight 8-step parameter sequences
  • Sequencer allows for gate, slide, osc pitch, and osc mod depth sequencing
  • CV and gate outputs for sequencer allow for sequencing any parameter
  • Scale and slide buttons have independent sequences for unique pattern chaining
  • Eight gate buttons for gate sequence programming or manually playing each sequence step
  • Play, tempo, and trigger transport control
  • Dedicated audio input and output level controls
  • MIDI and CV sync and playback with multiple MIDI modes
  • Multitude of extra functionality including multiples, CV summing, and tons of I/O to choose from
  • Includes 5 patch cables
  • Power: Micro USB (5V @ 250mA)
  • Dimensions: 173 x 112 x 41mm / 6.8 x 4.4 x 1.6"
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Product Demo Videos
Bastl / Casper SOFTPOP 2 : Gettin' Started Tutorial & Analog Acid Tips n' Tricks
I'm so super excited to be showing off the wonderful new SOFTPOP II SP2 from Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments!

This device is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite synthesizers, it's quirky, organic and easy to use, it sounds GREAT, and it's fun as HELL to use.

From Bastl & Casper :

Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments are very proud to announce the SoftPop SP2 - a unique instrument in development for the past three years, and a complete rework of the original 2017 CASPERxBASTL Softpop.

Softpop SP2 is a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital control. It’s a rare beast that excels at both melody and noise in equal measure, ranging from bassline bangers, angelic chord progressions, distorted beats, and water droplets.

Softpop’s patchbay is eurorack compatible, with the additional capability of processing inbound audio through the filter and VCA.
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Join our pal Wes for an overview of the unit and it's features, functions, and what makes it such a unique and interesting semi-modular synthesizer
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Patch Pals Jacob and Wes explore the sound and functionality of their favorite new semi-modular synth ; the Softpop 2 from Bastl & Casper Electronics !
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BASTL Instruments SoftPop 2 Semi-Modular Synthesizer Reviews