BASTL InstrumentsKastle Drum Handheld Modular Synthesizer


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BASTL Instruments Kastle Drum

A direct descendent of the Bastl Kastle, the Kastle Drum is a mini modular drum synth that is fun and more complex than its small size may indicate. Select between eight drum synthesis styles for extra versatility. These drum styles plus the unique dynamic acceleration charged envelope provide extensive drum synthesis options, particularly focused on glitchy industrial drums. The voltage-controlled clock features both a square wave and corresponding triangle waveform LFO outputs. Clock the stepped pattern generator from this clock, or sync to an external clock source. This stepped pattern generator features eight-step, sixteen-step, and random modes. Add a bit of noise to your drums for more atonal sounds. All the modulation pin headers feature three inputs, great for mixing multiple modulation sources. Connect the Kastle Drum to external modular gear with the freely routable CV I/O port. Take it anywhere, thanks to the headphone output and the ability to run off of three AA batteries or USB. The Kastle Drum is excellent for beginners or anyone looking for a fun and portable modular synthesizer.

Kastle Drum Features

  • Small-sized modular drum synthesizer
  • Eight drum synthesis styles
  • Acceleration charged dynamic envelope with voltage controlled decay
  • Voltage controlled tempo clock with square and triangle waveforms
  • Stepped pattern generator with eight-step, sixteen-step, or random outputs
  • Pitch control with CV input and attenuator
  • Two I/O ports for connecting with other modular gear
  • Main output drives headphones
  • Noise outputs
  • Runs on three AA batteries or USB
  • Powered by three AA batteries (not included) or microUSB
  • 70 x 60 x 50mm/2.75 x 2.36 x 1.9"
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