BASTL InstrumentsOMSynth Circuit Design Platform


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NOTE: This is a DIY project and will require assembly.

Due to the nature of DIY projects, no returns allowed on kits that have been attempted to be assembled or with missing components.

BASTL Instruments OMSynth

OMSynth mini-lab from Bastl Instruments is the company’s gift to experimental circuit design enthusiasts, acting as both a development platform and a performance tool. The device has all the crucial elements necessary to begin developing circuits for making sounds and light. It includes a built-in speaker, a headphone output, potentiometers, audio mixer, battery slot, power adaptor input, and more.

Although OMSynth is designed with beginners in mind, some circuit building knowledge will be highly beneficial. OMSynth includes three parts kits to help you get started, allowing you to build your own analog oscillator, sampler, and sequencer, with plenty of tutorials and resources available online to guide you along. The device is also highly expandable with many additional packs, kits, and satellite boards.

OMSynth Features

  • Battery (included) or 9V wall wart power options (not included)
  • Regulated 5V and unregulated power sockets
  • Over-current protection fuse (200mA) protects circuit from shorts or improperly installed ICs
  • 3 channel audio mixer with individually weighted inputs (x1, x1 and x10)
  • Amplified speaker with volume control
  • Dual mono headphone output
  • 2 stereo I/O jacks for connecting to external circuits, modular synths, etc
  • Tri-color LED with discrete channel drivers
  • Light sensor for light based variation of circuit parameters
  • The light sensor is installed facing the LED making it a basic vactrol (voltage to resistance converter)
  • 3 touch sensors (the OMS logo) for touch based manipulation of circuit parameters
  • 5 modular 100k potentiometers (protected by 1k buffer)
  • 1 modular pushbutton and integrated on/off switch
  • 2 full size breadboards
  • Laser engraved base plate with a carrying handle
  • Expansion section for adding control boards or custom circuits
  • Power Specs: 9V
  • Internal Speaker
  • Comes with 2 full-sized breadboards
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