BASTL InstrumentsBasil Flexible Stereo Space Delay


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BASTL Instruments Basil

Built on the same hardware as Bastl's Pizza, Basil is a highly-capable stereo delay module, garnishing any patch with a healthy serving of time effects. Delay times range depending on the conifguration: in basic stereo applications Basil can delay signals up to half a second. However, one way to increase the delay time is with the bidirectional feedback control. You get standard repeats in one direction, and ping-pong delays in the other. Mono mode and the speed options make this even more flexible: a mono delay at 1/8 speed can trail up for four seconds. At the other end of the delay time spectrum, Basil is adept at Karplus-Storng synthesis, thanks to its 1V/Oct pitch input.

Whether using it as an effect or as a voice, Basil also features a robust Space section for smearing and shaping sounds as they recirculate through the buffer. In blur mode, the space slider applies diffusion in the main delay path in one direction, or only in the feedback loop in the other. Alternatively, engage filter mode to apply a lowpass or highpass in the feedback loop, shaping long trails or stringy timbres. And if you're trying to get things extra crispy, LO-FI disengages the anti-aliasing filter, allowing for crunchy downsampled sounds at lower speeds.

Of course, Basil goes well with Pizza, but it'll bring a fresh taste of delay to ay collection of Eurroack modules.

Basil Features

  • Stereo delay module
  • Operates on the same hardware as Pizza
  • Maximum delay time of 0.5 seconds in stereo, full speed, 4 seconds in mono, 1/8 speed
  • Space offers Blur and Filter effects
  • 1V/Oct input for Karplus-Strong patches
  • Lo-fi mode bypasses anti-aliasing filters
  • Firmware updates over USB
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
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BASTL Instruments Basil Flexible Stereo Space Delay Reviews