BASTL InstrumentsAikido Dynamic Quad VCA + Mixer


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BASTL Instruments Aikido

BASTL's Aikido module is a four-channel VCA with integrated sidechain, envelope followers, and intuitive normalization for effortless routing in the studio or for a performance. One of the coolest features is the Spectral Envelope follower that lets you choose treble, mids, and bass frequencies for the envelope follower to listen to, which allows for a more interesting voltage extraction. A standard envelope follower output is also preset for standard, no-frequencies-barred CV generation. If you need a flexible VCA with options aplenty, BASTL's Aikido might be what you need.

Aikido Features

  • 4-channel VCA
  • Sidechain input
  • 2x Envelope followers: normal and spectral
  • Envelope follower normalized to listen to Channel A
  • Spectral Follower normalized to listen to Channel D
  • Choose which frequencies the spectral envelope follower listens to
  • Cascading normalization for all channels and parameters
  • 4x Attenuverters for CV inputs
  • Independent channel outputs and Mix output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 120mA @ +12V, 120mA @ -12V
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BASTL Instruments Aikido Dynamic Quad VCA + Mixer Reviews