Avantone ProAV10 MHF Aged Replacement Tweeter for Yamaha NS-10


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Avantone Pro AV10 MHF Aged

Avantone's AV10 MHF Aged are the perfect replacement for your vintage Yamaha NS-10 tweeters. Since the discontinuation of the NS-10, Avantone's CLA series monitors and amplifiers have become the go-to source for musicians looking to replicate the classic NS-10 sound without subjecting themselves to climbing prices and deteriorating components found on the secondhand market. For those with a pair of original NS-10s, replacement parts are open to the same pitfalls.

Thanks to a proprietary process of texturization that faithfully recreates the sound of broken-in tweeters without causing damage that would shorten lifespan, Avantone has stepped up to the plate to deliver an ideal replacement for your aging NS-10 tweeters. These drivers sound perfect from the moment you install them, so you won't have to worry about any hiccups in your mixing process. Give your NS-10s some TLC (tweeters, love, and care) today with the Avantone Pro AV10 MHF Aged replacement high frequency driver.

AV10 MHF Aged Features

  • Perfect replacement for Yamaha NS-10, Avantone CLA-10, or Avantone CLA-10A high frequency drivers
  • Proprietary texturizing technology gives these tweeters a broken-in sound without threatening lifespan
  • Aged voicing effortlessly balances with vintage NS-10 speakers
  • Easy installation gets you back to mixing quickly
  • Compatible monitors: Yamaha NS-10, Avantone Pro CLA-10, Avantone Pro CLA-10A
Avantone Pro AV10 MHF Aged Replacement Tweeter for Yamaha NS-10 Reviews