Austrian AudioOC818 Multi-Polar Pattern Condenser Microphone Pair (Live Set)


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Austrian Audio OC818

Designed by a team of ex-AKG engineers, the OC818 from Austrian Audio is a multi-polar pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone that lets you select the polar pattern you need at any given time. Building on the legacy ofhigh-end dual-diaphragm microphone architectures, the OC818 provides its own welcome and fresh twist on classic mic concepts.

While most mics feature a fixed polar pattern, the OC818 has the ability to switch its response to suit the task at hand, making it an exceptionally useful and powerful studio tool. The selectable patterns include omnidirectional, figure-eight, cardioid, and supercardioid. In addition, a fifth polar pattern can be selected: the preset mode. This works in conjunction with the OCR8 Bluetooth dongle and Austrian Audio's PolarPilot and PolarDesigner apps, which gives you wireless control over the settings of the microphone. It allows you to set the analog high pass filter, attenuation pad settings, and customize your own polar pattern. One unique feature is the ability to set a polar pattern per frequency band, allowing you to pick up different characteristics of your sound based on the frequency it resides in. A tight cardioid on the low end, supercardioid for the mids, and an omnidirectional polar pattern picking up the room tone for an immersive sound experience.

The dual capsule design uses a pair of Austrian Audio's famous CKR12 ceramic capsules that give a clear and uncolored sound with low distortion. It works wonders with vocals, pianos, or guitars, with everything in between. It can handle high SPL and has a wide frequency response, from 20Hz–20kHz. A secondary output is available on the back of the OC818 that can be used in dual mode for two separate recordings. Three selectable analog high pass filters and two pad attenuation settings let you tailor the microphone to any room it resides in.

Perfect for detailed stereo recording, this pair of OC818 microphones are precision matched to within 1dB for exceptional results in practically any stereo configuration you can imagine: A/B, X/Y, ORTF, M/S, and more. You'll find yourself reaching for the OC818 time and time again, thanks to its selection of polar patterns and great sounding capsule that make it a one of a kind microphone.

OC818 Features

  • Matched stereo set of multi-polar pattern condenser microphones
  • Dual capsule design
  • Cardioid, supercardioid, omnidirectional, or figure-eight polar patterns selectable on the mic
  • Bluetooth compatible with OCR8 which lets you use PolarDesigner and PolarPilot apps
  • Fifth customizable polar pattern
  • Use companion apps for per frequency band polar pattern
  • Selectable -10dB and -20dB attenuation pad
  • Three analog high pass filters at 40Hz, 80Hz, and 160Hz
  • 20Hz–20kHz frequency response
  • Primary and secondary outputs
  • Includes two microphones, wind screens, mic clips, mini XLR cables
  • Microphone type: Condenser
  • Polar pattern: Multiple (cardioid, supercardioid, omnidirectional, figure-eight, customizable)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Impedance: 275 ohms
  • Dimensions: 6.18 x 2.48" / 157 x 63mm
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