Audio Gear ObsessionDYNAMICENGINE Dual Compressor-Limiter

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Audio Gear Obsession DYNAMICENGINE

Achieve subtle to smashing dynamic control with the DYNAMICENGINE from Audio Gear Obsession, a dual compressor/limiter grounded in fantastic components and wide ranges of control. Easily handling both Eurorack and line-level signals, DYNAMICENGINE features a whopping +12dB of gain on the input as well as on the external side-chain input for perfect gain-matching and keying. Highly flexible, DYNAMICENGINE features a threshold control reaching down to -36dB with a variable ratio that starts with no compression all the way to brickwall limiting. The concentric attack and release controls make for flexible start and stop times of compression all from one point on the module. Monitor your gain reduction in real time with the 11-segment LED section in the middle that reaches all the way down to -20dB for brutally crushing dynamics, and the knee switch allows you to set how hard the compression kicks in.

Because of its dual nature, DYNAMICENGINE is perfect for use with two separate inputs with completely different settings or as a stereo pair with shared parameters thanks to the stereo link switch. Further customization such as side-chain compression for light to pumping volume effects can be keyed externally with fine-tuning thanks to the built-in SC high pass filter. DYNAMICENGINE can even handle tasks such as parallel compression with its onboard mix pots for blending the original signal back, and handy bypass switches offer A/Bing your dynamic control for gain matching purposes or selective and performative compression. Whether you're slapping it on the end of your mix for bus compression or final limiting or you're just in need of dynamic control throughout your mix, DYNAMICENGINE's VCA design has got your back with stellar finesse over any material.


  • Compressor/limiter module
  • Triple VCA design utilizing modern audio-grade op-amps
  • Can run in either dual mono or stereo link
  • Concentric attack and release controls ranging fast to slow
  • Ratio control ranging from 1:1 to limiting
  • Make-up gain ranging -10dB to +20dB with an overall mix control for each channel
  • Knee can be set to soft or hard
  • Dual side-chain inputs with +12dB of gain to work with
  • Side-chain high pass filter ranging 20Hz to 235Hz
  • 11-segment gain reduction LEDs metering down to -20dB GR
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 28hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 28hp
    • Depth: 32mm
    • Current draw: 160mA @ +12V, 160mA @ -12V
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