AudioengineDS1M Desktop Speaker Stands


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Audioengine DS1M

DS1M from Audioengine is a set of desktop monitor stands built to support their A1, A2+, HD3, and HD4 speaker sets. The solid metal base keeps your speakers grounded and supported, while the 15 degree upward tilt allows for the best listening experience on any desktop. With foam isolation pads to minimize unwanted rumble and a sleek black finish, the DS1M is the perfect stand for getting the best sound out of your Audioengine or smaller speakers.

DS1M Features

  • Desktop speaker stands
  • Supports Audioengine A1, A2+, HD3, and HD4 speakers
  • 15 degree angle for vertical tilt
  • Hand-finished powder-coated steel build
  • Isolation foam pads for stability and reduced surface vibration
  • Dimensions: 6" (D) x 4.5" (W), 3" (inside)
  • Compatible with Audioengine A1, A2+, HD3 and HD4 speakers
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