AtoVprojectMMx2 Matrixable Mixer - Pair (Black)


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AtoVproject MMx2

The MMx2 from AtoVproject is a double dose of CV mixing for your modular synth, pairing two units of their Matrixable Mixer in a single package. AtoVproject understands that simple utilities like CV mixing, attenuation, and inversion are key to making the most of a modular system, allowing you to route, tweak, and manipulate modulations however your music demands. Having taken this modular wisdom to heart, MMx2 includes two independent units of attenuating and attenuverting 4-to-1 mixers for use separately in your system or combined to create a matrix mixer.

Channels 1 and 2 of each MM attenuate signals, while channels 3 and 4 both attenuate and invert. Channel 4 is normalled to provide a stable voltage offset when left unpatched. At the output, the total mix is amplified by a factor of 1.8. Despite the relative simplicity of these various stages, each MM is capable of a wide variety of useful tricks and techniques, from simple audio and CV mixing to effects sends, side chain compression, filter manipulation, and more.

Using jumpers on the back of the module, MMs may be connected to normal the channel 1-3 inputs of the first to each connected in the chain. This creates a matrix mixer, useful for creative CV routing and manipulation, feedback, saturation, and more. Whether you're plugging into the matrix or simply in search of multiple mixers for use in disparate rack positions, the MMx2 from AtoVproject is a great way to add heaps of voltage utility to your system in one fell swoop.

MMx2 Features

  • 2x MM Matrixable Mixer modules
  • Each MM features 4-channel mixing with manual level controls
  • Channels 1 and 2 attenuate signals
  • Channels 3 and 4 attenuvert signals
  • Channel 4 provides bipolar voltage offset when unpatched
  • Mix output amplified by factor of 1.8
  • Jumpers on back allow for connecting two MMs - normals channels 1-3 between multiple MMs to create a matrix mixer
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 10mA @ +12V, 8mA @ -12V
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