Asheville Music ToolsADG-1 Analoger Series BBD Delay Pedal


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Asheville Music Tools ADG-1

Containing 100% analog components, the Asheville Music Tools ADG-1 represents the very best of BBD delays, offering sound and clarity that's only possible with contemporary circuit design. At its core, the ADG-1 contains not one, but two true analog BBDs: Xvive's reproduction of the classic MN3005. With the superior performance offered by a modern chip, plus incredible care placed into the filtering and compander circuits that condition audio signals going in and out of the BBD, the ADG-1 is one of the cleanest, most dynamic, and noise-free analog delays every conceived.

Before hitting the delay, signals travel through an analog preamp, capable of both boost and overdrive. For the delay itself, the combination of a variable Time control and single or dual BBD modes allows you to achieve delay times up to 700ms. Dial in feedback for repeats, or crank it up to max for self-oscillating drones and howls. The Tone control shapes the signals circulating in the feedback, rolling off low or high frequencies as desired. There's also an LFO on hand for adding pitch modulations, either smooth triangle motion or stepped square wave changes. If you're looking for a bit more mileage out of the ADG-1, try patching an expression pedal or control voltage signal into the EXP input at the top, which may be assigned to one of four destinations: Delay Time, Delay Feedback, LFO Rate, and LFO Amount.

If you hold exacting standards for your analog delay pedals, the ADG-1 from Asheville Music Tools may be the perfect choice for you.

ADG-1 Features

  • Flexible analog delay pedal
  • Contains two Xvive MN3005 BBDs
  • Delay Time and Feedback controls
  • Delay time ranges from 16 to 350ms in single BBD mode, 35 to 700ms in dual BBD mode, with more time available via LFO and CV modulation
  • LFO Rate and Amount controls
  • 2 LFO waveforms: triangle and slewed square
  • Single or Dual BBD switch
  • Dry/Wet Mix + Tone controls
  • Input preamp Drive control
  • Expression input compatible with both expression pedals and 0-5V control voltage
  • Expression control over Time, Feedback, LFO Rate, or Amount
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.7" x 2.25" / 12.5 cm x 9.4 cm x 5.8 cm
  • Power Specs: 9vDC @ 250mA max (PSU not included)
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