Asheville Music ToolsACV-1 Analoger Series Chorus + Vibrato Pedal


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Asheville Music Tools ACV-1

Embark on an exploration of sound and time with the ACV-1 by Asheville Music Tools, a time-warping chorus and vibrato pedal that extends well beyond its stated purpose. Like any good analog chorus, the ACV-1 boasts a true analog bucket brigade delay (BBD) chip at its core, specifically X-Vive's version of the fabled MN3007. But you'll find that the ACV-1 goes above and beyond the typical controls found on chorus pedals, resulting in a time-based effect that can smear and transform sounds into totally new versions of themselves.

Though chorus effects are made with super short delays, most don't feature controls over the delay time itself—usually there are only controls for the modulation LFO and the dry/wet Mix. The ACV-1 does feature these, but also offers that rare control over the delay Time and Feedback settings. Suddenly your chorus is capable of flanging, comb filtering, resonator-like effects, and slapback delays. The Time control can be pushed even further with the LFO and external CV via the expression pedal input. There's also an option to invert the feedback for different timbres of resonances and blends between the dry and wet signals. You've also got options for the LFO waveform: sine, triangle, and slewed square. As for the previously mentioned Expression input, it's assignable to control the delay Time, Feedback, LFO Rate, or Amount.

Asheville Music Tools packs versatility into great sounding pedals, and the ACV-1 happens to be no exception.

ACV-1 Features

  • Analog chorus pedal with numerous controls
  • Utilizes Xvive MN3007 BBD
  • Manual controls for delay Time and Feedback
  • Delay time ranges from 3.1 to 59ms, more time available via LFO and CV modulation
  • LFO Rate and Amount controls
  • 3 LFO waveforms: sine, triangle, and slewed square
  • Feedback invert switch
  • Dry/Wet Mix + Tone controls
  • Expression input compatible with both expression pedals and 0-5V control voltage
  • Expression control over Time, Feedback, LFO Rate, or Amount
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.7" x 2.25" / 12.5 cm x 9.4 cm x 5.8 cm
  • Power Specs: 9vDC @ 250mA max (PSU not included)
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