ARTHeadAmp6 Pro 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier


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ART HeadAmp6 Pro

Should you need to dial in headphone mixes with a bit of finer detail, the HeadAmp6 Pro from ART is a fine solution to coordinating several monitoring mixes for talent in the studio or on stage. There are six channels available, with one headphones output on the front and one on the back. Simple Bass and Treble controls allow the monitored signal to be shaped a bit further, along with individual level and panning Balance controls per channel. The mono switches allow for easy mono monitoring of the left and right channels individually or together. There's a global Direct Input on the front for overriding the main inputs on the back, while the rear Aux inputs for each channel can be blended in with the main signal via the Balance control. If you need to chain multiple units together for even more monitoring flexibility, the Thru jacks pass the input signal onwards for connecting multiple HeadAmps together as needed. Get the most flexible headphone monitoring solution you can with the HeadAmp 6 Pro by ART.

HeadAmp6 Pro Features

  • Six channel headphone amplifier
  • Two headphone outputs per channel
  • Treble and Bass controls per channel
  • Left and Right Mono switches allows for flexible listening
  • Direct In overrides rear main inputs
  • Aux input on each channel
  • Analog inputs: 2x TRS, 2x XLR, 6x TRS Aux
  • Analog outputs: 2x XLR, 2x TRS main
  • Headphone outputs: 6x 1/4"
  • Dimensions: 1.75 x 19 x 7.5"
  • Rack height: 1U
  • Weight: 6.8lbs
ART HeadAmp6 Pro 6-Channel Headphone Amplifier Reviews