Apollo ViewAllscillator Analog Oscillator


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Apollo View Allscillator

Expanding their lineup, Apollo View brings us their analog Allscillator, an eight-waveform oscillator with all outputs simultaneously available so you can create truly massive voices. The Allscillator has a few traditional shapes, like triangle, sine, saw, pulse, as well as some unique waveforms based on classic synths: shark tooth—based on Model D, PWM saw—based on Juno Alpha. A square sine for kick drum and bass lines and selectable sub output for -1, -2, or a unique -2* which is the sum of both -1 and -2 sub outputs round out the available patch points. Not limited to audio rate, the Allscillator can go to LFO rates that range from 45Hz to 1.5s or ultra LFO mode that goes from 12s to 15m. Other standard oscillator inputs are present with a 1V/Oct as well as exponential and linear FM, PWM for pulse and PWM saw, and three different types of sync: hard sync negative edge, hard sync positive edge, and soft sync. Truly a versatile voice and deep oscillator, the Allscillator from Apollo View is an expansive module for any Eurorack setup.

Allscillator Features

  • 8 Simultaneous outputs
  • Triangle, Saw, Pulse, Sine, Square Sine, Shark Tooth, PWM Saw, Sub-octave waveforms
  • Hard sync to negative or positive edge
  • Soft sync, Linear and exponential FM
  • Sub octave ranges from -1 to -2 to a unique -2* which is the sum of the previous two
  • Audio rate: G0–F6, 24.5Hz–1397kHz
  • LFO rate: 45Hz–1.5s
  • Ultra-LFO rate:12s–15m
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 165mA @ +12V, 140mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
PATCH BETTER with 16+ patches for oscillators // Allscillator from Apollo View Modular
In this video we explore making the most of your oscillators, learning the features (such as FM types and various ways to sync) and looking at musical and creative ways to “patch better” with them. The video is packed with well over 20 parts expanded on 16 different ideas for really making the most of oscillators. If you’re reading this and watching, I’d love to hear which patch(es) resonated with you and what’s worked well on your own systems.

The video is also here to demonstrate the new Allscillator (all the oscillators) from Apollo View Modular. It’s an all analogue 7 input, 8 waveform output (classic waves and new variations + a sub) VCO that tracks across a wide range, takes a whole range of external modulation and can also be an ultra slow LFO.
Apollo View Allscillator Analog Oscillator Reviews