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API5500 2-Channel Parametric Equalizer


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API 5500

With circuitry lifted straight from Saul Walker's acclaimed 550 EQ, the 5500 Dual Equalizer from API has the features, the range, and the sonics to deliver on tracking, mixing, and mastering duties with API's signature precision and musical character. You won't find it mentioned on any cut-and-dry spec sheet, but this all-discrete EQ features a special circuit called Proportional Q, which adjusts the bandwidth of each filter separately, depending on the filter band's boost or cut level. Gentle nudges of a couple dB in either direction result in a wide, subtle, and—most importantly—musically-useful filter response that keeps your tracks sounding true, while extreme boost and cut settings will turn the corresponding filter into a surgical EQ, perfect for carving out troublesome frequencies or bringing noticeable presence to a particular spectral zone.

Another unique feature offered by the 5500 is its selectable range switch, which constrains the boost and cut controls by a factor of 0.5 or 0.25, perfect for mastering duties where the smallest adjustments can have the biggest impact. Bring two channels of that legendary API console EQ sound to your 19" rack with the 5500, a uniquely flexible, powerful equalizer.

5500 Features

  • Dual mono or stereo parametric equalizer based on classic 550 design
  • Discrete API circuitry manufactured to modern specifications for peerless performance
  • Unique "Proportional Q" circuit changes filter bandwidth depending on boost or cut settings
  • Adjustable boost/cut range for tracking, printing stems, or mastering
  • Shelf or Peak modes for Hi and Lo bands
  • EQ in/out switch
  • 1/4" input connectors pass through all the same circuitry as XLR connectors
  • True hard-wired bypass
  • Covered by API's industry-exclusive 5-year parts warranty
  • Input Impedance > 100Kohm balanced
  • Output Impedance < 75 ohm floating
  • Maximum output Level > +28dBm with 600 ohm or greater load
  • Frequency response < + 1dB from 10Hz to 30KHz
  • Distortion < 0.1% @+20dBu from 100Hz to 20KHz
  • Noise < -70dBu unweighted
  • Power Requirement 15 watts (130mA at 115v, 65mA at 230v)
  • Size: 19" X 1.75" (1U) X 11.25" Deep
  • Weight: 9.68 lbs.
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