API3124MV 4-Channel Microphone/Line Pre + Stereo Mixer


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API 3124MV 4-Channel Microphone/Line Pre + Stereo Mixer

The API 3124MV is a 4-channel mic/line preamp that builds on the power of the 3124V, adding a stereo audio mixer with per-channel panning, aux sends, and stereo returns, turning the 3124MV into a veritable powerhouse for tracking and mixing. Housed in the same, fully-discrete circuitry used in all API preamps, each channel sends to the main mix while retaining its individual outputs, as well as all the channel controls from the 3124V, including: -20dB pads, 48V phantom power, switchable phase, high-impedance switches, 3:1/1:3 transformer tap selection, and mic/line inputs for balanced or unbalanced sources.

When you factor in the 3124MV's per-channel pan, aux send, and tip-ring insert jacks, as well as its master aux send, return, and left/right level controls, you might be wondering if the 3124MV is too good to be true, but the specifications and feature set speak for themselves—this is a 4-channel preamp unlike any other.

3124MV Features

  • Four channel microphone and line-level pre with indviidual outputs and integrated stereo audio mixer
  • Discrete API circuitry on each channel
  • Gain of up to 65dB, with enoguh headroom to accept sources at +20dBu
  • Gain, Level, Pan, Aux Send controls on each channel
  • 48V, -20dB pad, phase invert, hi-Z, transformer tap select, and balanced/unbalanced switches on each channel
  • Per-channel tip-ring insert jacks
  • Master section with aux send level, stereo return level, and separate left/right level controls
  • API-exclusive five-year parts warranty
  • Input Impedance: 1500 Ohms Mic, 470 K Ohms Un-Balanced, HI Z in
  • Output Impedance: Less than 75 Ohms Channel Outputs
  • Nominal Levels: XLR Channel Output +4 dBu
  • Stereo Output Level: Unbalanced: nominal -2, Balanced: +4
  • Frequency Response: +0, -5, 10 Hz to 20 kHz (-.5 at 10 Hz)
  • Noise EIN: -129 Mic, -125 Un-Bal.
  • Actual Measured Noise: Better than -91 dBm / below Nominal +4
  • Distortion: All Outputs at +4 out, .03%, at +22, .09% Max
  • Gain Range: 150 Ohms Input 10 dB Min., 65 dB Max (inc. PAD)
  • Un-Bal. Input 14 dB Minimum, 50 dB Max
  • VU Meter: Calibrated for XLR Outputs, OVU=+4 dBu, (-12, -6, -3, 0, +3, +6, +18)
  • Controls: GAIN, PAD (20 dB), 48Volts, POL (polarity), MIC (mic/un-bal), VU, AC
  • Power Consumption, Quiescent: 19.2 Watts
  • Size: 19" X 1.75" (1U) X 11" Deep
  • Weight: 10.38 lbs.
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