Antimatter AudioLaunch Codes 5CH Trigger / Gate Sequencer


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Antimatter Launch Codes

The Antimatter Launch Codes is a rhythmic sequencer optimized for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Featuring a total of five channels, the module emits gates from five separate outputs. What’s more, the outputs are switchable between momentary gates, triggers, or latched/toggle gate voltage outs. Additionally, Launch Codes can behave as a rhythmic trigger sequencer with record and playback functionality. Essentially, it records button presses and quantizes them to its clock input. From there, users can initiate the module’s Generate function for additional variations to stored rhythms.

Launch Codes Features

  • 5 Channel Gate/Trigger sequencer
  • All gate outputs available, Trigger, Momentary Gate, Latched/Toggle gate
  • Record and playback slaved to clock input
  • 32 steps long for all 5 tracks, 160 steps total
  • Lots of internal functions with button combos
  • Reset input for sychronizing with external clock modules
  • Internal memory for saving patterns, recall available after power down.
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