Antelope AudioZen GO Synergy Core Audio Interface (Thunderbolt)


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Antelope Audio Zen GO Synergy Core

Antelope Audio's Zen Go Synergy Core, now available with Thunderbolt connectivity, is a 4 x 8 audio interface that packs in everything there is to love about an Antelope interface at a stellar price. Whether you're stepping up to a premium interface for the first time, or simply need a reliable mobile rig, Zen Go delivers wherever you need it to.

Zen Go's two preamps feature an ultra-linear design and astoundingly low-noise, and offer selectable modes for connecting microphones, line-level sources like synthesizers, or Hi-Z to plug in your favorite guitar or bass. Transmit audio via 1/4" and RCA monitor outputs, or through either of the headphone outputs. Zen Go can also interface through S/PDIF, both in and out for additional expansion.

Though it may not be the most glamourous aspect of an interface, Antelope has long been regarded for their unmatched Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and profession resolution converters—things that you'll certainly appreciate in the long-run. The Synergy Core platfrom also allows for real-time effects processing hosted on the interface itself, freeing up resources from your computer and allowing you to build recording chains as if you were working on a console.The included effects run the spectrum from EQ and compression to delays, reverbs, and guitar amps. Best of all: there's zero latency, so they're as helpful for tracking as they are for mixing and mastering.

If you're looking for a gateway into the Antelope family, there's possibly no better entry point than the Zen Go Synergy Core.

Zen GO Synergy Core Features

  • Thunderbolt audio interface
  • High-performance AD/DA conversion
  • 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology for rock solid timing
  • Two discrete preamps with ultra-linear performance and options for mic, line, or Hi-Z inputs
  • Includes 36 analog-modeled effects for real-time audio processing
  • Over 50 additional effects available from Antelope Audio
  • S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs
  • Stereo 1/4" monitor and stereo RCA outputs
  • Large jog wheel
  • TFT display
  • Bus powered
    • Inputs: Two combination XLR/1/4" with mic/line/high-Z modes and phantom power, digital S/PDIF
    • Analog outputs: Stereo TRS monitor, stereo RCA monitor, two headphones, digital S/PDIF
    • Sample rate: Up to 192kHz
    • Screen: 1.77" IPS TFT
    • Thunderbolt bus powered
    • 7.795 x 4.6 x 2.263"/198 x 117 x 57.5mm
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