Antelope AudioTrinity Master Clock


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Antelope Audio Trinity

The Trinity from Antelope Audio is a master clock that works great for video or audio applications from live performances, film scoring, to studio recording. The 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and oven controlled crystal oscillator provide low-jitter, high precision clock signals. The Trinity is factory calibrated to better than +/-0.001ppm accuracy.

It features three audio channels which can each be clocked independently and have sampling speeds up to 384kHz. The varispeed can be adjusted by cents or percent. Additionally, it has USA and European pull up/pull down buttons for additional adjustment to the sample rate. If you ever lose sync from your source, Antelope's Gentle Lock Technology will freewheel and then automatically relock to the source. The Gearboxing mode allows you to lock to one sample rate while generating another, great for sample rate conversion.

Additionally, Trinity works great with video whether you are locking to or generating video, featuring a video input and three HD and three SD generators. These lock to and generate any professional video format you might need. The SD generators offer both PAL and NTSC formats, while the HD generators have 16 possible formats. The companion application allows you to control Trinity from your computer and create and save presets. Trinity is an all-in-one solution for your clocking needs, whether they are audio or video and provides unmatched performance and connectivity.

Trinity Features

  • Master clocking source
  • Three independent audio channels
  • Three SD generators with PAL and NTSC formats
  • Three HD generators with 16 formats
  • Sample rates up to 384kHz
  • Varispeed adjustment of sample rate
  • Fourth generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
  • Oven controlled crystal oscillator
  • Gearboxing mode for sample rate conversion
  • European and USA pull up/pull down controls
  • Bright triple display
  • No menus, all functions on the front panel
  • Inputs: Video on BNC, Two word clock on BNC, one AES/EBU on XLR, one S/PDIF on RCA, USB
  • Outputs:Six HD video on BNC,Four SD video on BNC, 16 word clock on BNC, four AES/EBU on XLR, four S/PDIF on RCA
  • Sample rate: up to 384kHz
  • Bit depth: Up to 64-bit
  • OS requirements: System requirements Windows 7/8/10, osX 10.9+(10.14 recommended),512MB disk space, 4GB ram (8GB recommended), USB bandwidth 80-90%
  • Dimensions: 2U/483 x 88 x 228mm/19 x 3.47 x 8.96
  • Power: both AC and DC power connectors
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