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Animodule Lil' Monster VCO

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Animodule Lil' Monster

The Lil’ Monster VCO, from Animodule, is a compact oscillator with PWM, sync, and FM functionality. It features linear and exponential FM inputs, each with dedicated attenuators, and a PWM input with corresponding attenuator.

Additionally, the Lil’ Monster contains triangle, saw, and pulse wave outputs, all of which respond very well to the module’s sync feature.

Lil' Monster Features

  • Sync Input
  • Linear FM Input w Attenuator
  • Exponential FM Input w Attenuator
  • PWM Input w Attenuator
  • Pulse Width Control
  • 1v/Oct CV Input
  • Triangle, Saw, and Pulse Waveform Outputs
  • Great tracking
  • Range from below to above the audible
  • All waveforms respond to Sync


  • Eurorack Module
  • 8HP Width
  • 29mm Depth
  • +12v: 21mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 21mA Current Draw
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