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Analogue SolutionsLeipzig V3 Desktop Analog Synthesizer


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Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3

Analogue Solutions strike again with a much awaited return of their well loved Leipzig monophonic analog synthesizer, now on version 3. Not fixing what's not broken, the company kept the original sound of the instrument unchanged, only improving on several design aspects, and overall manufacturing quality, as well as adding a few new features, hence turning a great synth into a super great synth.

Leipzig V3 comes in a conveniently portable desktop format. It features an all metal enclosure which gives the synthesizer a look and feel of being nearly indestructible. Sporting a pair of purely analog oscillators, each endowed with a dedicated Glide function, and further beefed up by a separate Sub-VCO plus a Moog-style ladder filter, Leipzig V3 is capable of some serious gut-shaking bass action. However that is far from where its sonic capabilities end. The synthesizer features two sequencers, one analog and one digital with a transposition feature, multi-waveform modulation sources for both VCOs and the filter, all controllable by the same LFO Rate parameter, a pair of envelopes, and a versatile CV patch bay to support a seemingly endless amount of modulation options. This set of simple yet powerful tools are intuitively laid out on the panel, rendering this analog powerhouse capable of excelling in anything ranging from soft melodic arpeggios to pumping percussive sequences. Add to this full MIDI support, and Leipzig V3 is sure to become a hard-to-beat contender as your studio's central monosynth.

Leipzig V3 Features

  • Truly analog monosynth based on the circuits that date back to 1970s and 1980s
  • Two VCOs and a dedicated Sub-oscillator
  • Independent Glide per oscillator
  • Characterful Moog-style transistor ladder low-pass filter
  • Multi-waveform LFO for each VCO and a filter that share the same rate parameter
  • Two sequencers onboard—analog and digital with transposition option
  • Two envelopes
  • Sturdy aluminum enclosure
Analogue Solutions Leipzig V3 Desktop Analog Synthesizer Reviews